Monday, January 23, 2012

Hamilton trip - working and biking

Last weekend I got to combine work and biking. We had to go to Hamilton to talk to electricity distribution company and combined it with a visit to the Huntly Power Station.

the gas and or coal fired Huntly Power Station

After working for the day I stayed in Hamilton with Julia and Chris. Friday Chris and I went to check out Te Rapa - a small mountain bike park about a half hour drive from where they live. It was a pretty fun little place with some nice cruisy trails.

Saturday and Sunday we went to Rotorua. A couple of my favourite trails had been logged, B rude Not 2 and The Tickler, but they have been rebuilt and the replacements are nearly as good as the originals.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Garden progression

The grass has grown in really well. I just gave it its first trim.

I guess that means the front bit is pretty much done. It has come along way from when it used to be a concrete path.

Previous stages of the front's life

Some more progress has been made on the side steps. Two and half more to go.

Things have been growing like crazy in the green house.

And we have had a bumper year of strawberries. The raspberries, however didn't fair so well.