Friday, October 30, 2015

New tricks!

Well Freya is very active...still commando crawling and lots of jibber jabbering to her toys and mum and dad. The weather has been getting better and we have been out trying a few new things. She loves going on the swings at the local playground...although she isn't too sure about the slide yet. 
Playing on the swings and slide at the local playground

We've also been for a few walks in the proper back pack. 

And finally her head is big enough for a bike helmet and her dad can't wait any longer...she went on her first trailer ride. Her mum also got back on a bike for the first time in ~8 months, which felt strangely normal - bit like riding a bike! 

Freya has also discovered a few other things grabbing the cats tail...poor Mifi wasn't impressed...And the other day she embarrassed her mother by managing to open another woman's water bottle and creating a big puddle in the middle of the floor... Nothing is safe around here now. 

She hasn't, however, managed to learn how to sleep better yet! Need to work on that once her dad has finished his course next week. 

Friday, October 9, 2015

5 months

Freya is 5 months old. She continues to grow (8.42kg and 65.5cm) and is learning lots of new skills. The last couple of weeks she mastered rolling over from her back to front, and her commando crawling is getting more efficient, she can even turn around when she meets an obstacle. She just loves exploring, especially under things.

Where's Freya?

She has outgrown her car seat and her bassinet, so now has a big kids car seat and has moved in to her own room and is sleeping in her cot (occasionally). She also got her first pair of shoes, with cool dinosaurs on. 

New car seat

New shoes

A week and a half ago we started her on solid food. Well at least trying them. She was excited at first, but then preferred to chew on pieces of apple and pear, rather than eat the smooth purée, probably because she was teething, but we couldn't feel anything until a few days ago and finally she got her first tooth yesterday. Conveniently the same day that the nurse gave us a tooth brush and tooth paste for her. 

Pumpkin purée! Probably more around the face than went in...

Brushing my tooth for the first time

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Bay of Islands family holiday

We finally braved going away with Freya. After what has seemed a long winter we headed up to Northland for warmer climes. So Freya went on her first plane flight. She did really well and ate and slept most of the way. She also went on several boat trips during the week...lots of firsts.

Waiting for take off

On the Russell-Paihia passenger ferry

We stayed at a friends Bach in Russell, in the Bay of Islands. Normally it is very busy in summer and although it was school holidays it was pretty quiet and not that many tourists. We did quite a few short walks in the bush, on the beach and visited some historic places. Russell used to be the capital of New Zealand, so lots of interesting history. We also went to Waitangi for the day, a very important place for New Zealanders. 

The strand in Russell

Flag pole at Waitangi

View from the Bach across to several of the island at dusk

We also spent a lot of time just hanging out and relaxing at the Bach, enjoying soaking in the spa! 

In the spa

Next time it would be nice to get in the water (bit cold at the moment), and out to some of the islands and explore. But we survived our first family holiday and learnt a lot about travelling with a little one...