Sunday, June 7, 2015

One Month

We have survived the first month..... At 3 and a half weeks Freya weighed in at 4.68 kg and is 58 cm in length, so she is obviously feeding and growing well. We are starting to learn each other's habits... until they change again. Her eyes are getting better at focusing and her neck is getting much stronger and we had our first proper smiles the last few days...
First family photo in the front garden

One of Freya's first smiles

Hanging with Grandad David

Monday, June 1, 2015

3 weeks.....

Well Freya is just over 3 weeks old and thriving. She is now well over 4 kg and rapidly growing out of her small babygrows - she now only fits the 3 month size..... She is sitting between the 50-75% of the growth chart. Not so good at sleeping.... still slightly nocturnal - although the last few days she hasn't really been sleeping much during the day either, except when she is taken for walks in the sling.
Freya in the sling ready for a walk

Freya in her awesome bear suit ready for the cold...

She had her first couple of baths and seems to enjoy sitting in the warm water.

Bath time....

Snug in her towel