Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Crawling, rolling and chitter-chatter

Freya is on a mission. She rarely stays still (which to be honest started in utero when I developed a large bruise from all her kicking). She has been attempting to crawl or at least inch-worming forward for about a month, but she now has a pretty good commando crawl. The only problem is that she can't turn (or turn around) so the walls and furniture keep getting in her way and has had a few marks on her forehead from bashing in to things.
The wall got in the way...
Trying to roll over, but in this case the pole got in the way

She rolled over from front to back quite a while ago, initially by accident, today however she finally mastered the back to front roll. So now we are really in trouble. Up until yesterday we could at least put her down on her back and she wouldn't move.

She is also chatting away, especially when she is playing with her dad in the morning. The sounds are getting more complex and louder. Aaron is convinced she said "dada" the other day. It is great to see her changing and learning new tricks all the time...

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

4 months....

Freya is 4 months old. She is a very busy little lady....busy inch worming/commando crawling across her activity mat and the floor chasing after her toys. When she isn't shimmying forwards on her tummy she loves to stand up and do a little dance/jig. She has strong legs, but her balance isn't quite there yet. She is getting better at sitting.

She still loves going for walks in both the sling and her bike trailer buggy, in fact it is the only way to get her to nap during the day. Fortunately the weather has been improving, with some nice sunny days.  She is also very social...with several catch ups with friends most weeks, and she regularly comes in to work with me to check on the students in the lab.

Today she had her 4 month check. Despite her recent bugs and illnesses she is still growing well. She is now 7.7kg and 63.5cm long, 43cm head circumference. Soon she will have grown out of her 6 month clothes....crazy! 

Off the mat chasing toys. She started at this side of the mat.
Practicing sitting in my chair
Looking cool in my new sunglasses and a sun hat

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Father's Day

We have no special plans for Aaron's 1st Father's Day. In fact Aaron is going to uni to continue with an assignment. However, this is a short blog to thank Aaron for being such an amazing dad to Freya and for looking after me the last year and especially the last 4 months. 

Aaron gets up between 5:30 and 6am every morning to play with Freya and let me sleep. He always does bath with her and takes turn rocking and shushing her to sleep. When he isn't at uni he takes her for walks to give me a break. He is also learning to cook 😉. The last 4 months have been a team effort and I wouldn't have coped without him, especially the last month. 

Freya and Aaron, do you see the similarity? Some days...

Exhausted after a busy morning playing on the activity mat..fast asleep by 8am

We have had a rough couple of weeks (sounds familiar - sorry to sound like a stuck record). Freya has had a viral gastro bug which aggravated her already gassy tummy. Now she has something else....not sure what, we are waiting for test results. Hope it isn't anything serious. 

Maybe next year I won't be so exhausted and we will do something special for Father's Day!