Thursday, March 22, 2007

Karapoti and Friends

Ooops getting a bit behind on the blog. We’ve been a little preoccupied with trying to buy a house through the somewhat dubious New Zealand closed tender process.

The weekend of the 3rd March was the Karapoti Mtn Bike Race. Although we decided not to do it, and the entries were already full for the Classic by the time we even thought about it, several of our mtn biking friends were participating and it was a beautiful day – so we went out to watch the start. This has got to be one of the most cruel starts to a mtn bike race as you start by running through a river so you have to ride the whole way with wet feet (see photo). This year the river was pretty low due to the lack of rain over the last couple of months – but we have heard stories of people wading through up to their waists in previous years. Aaron was excited as there was a category just for single speeds, retro, uni cycles and tandems (the freaks) – not sure which category Aaron would be in if he rode his diamond back single speed? There were no tandems this year – but several uni cycles – nutters! Well feeling all inspired and disappointed that we hadn’t entered the Karapoti Challenge (the shorter, easier version), we headed up to Makara to go for a ride.

Start of the Karapoti (SS class)

A friend of ours, Frances, arrived Saturday evening and we spent most of the rest of the glorious weekend showing her the sights of Wellington, including swimming at the beach on Oriental Bay, which was rather refreshing. We were a bit worried that Frances had the wrong idea of Wellington as it was hot and sunny with no wind – but the wind picked up on Monday and Tuesday, and she got the full Wellington experience as she tried to cycle around the bays.

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