Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Last Days in Arizona

My last few days in Arizona were filled with biking. Tuesday I did a big loop up on National and and Mormon.

Wednesday, Stan and I went out to Mesa and rode the Hawes trails. I didn't ride here much when I lived in Arizona, as there weren't many trails out there. Now it has become a pretty awesome place to ride. We rode this trail called Twisted Sister, which twists and turns down a slight hill weaving in and out of staghorn cholla and creosote bushes.

Thursday, I had to get one last ride in even though I was feeling pretty tired. I decided to do a quick run out to the helipad again. Climbing out of one of the washes I managed to get knocked off balance and couldn't get my foot out in time. I fell over on my hip and elbow creating some nice scratches and bruises.

Friday, I packed up my gear and headed to the airport. I had a really easy trip back home and even managed to sleep most of the way.

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