Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter with Vicky Bostock

With Helen leaving t ogo out to sea the day after the Easter long weekend and Vicky Bostock (Helen's cousin) arriving in town, we had a relatively quiet weekend in Wellington, although Helen spent most of the weekend worrying about having everything ready for the voyage.

On Easter day we did get out of Wellington to nearby Kapiti Island. This a nature reserve just off the Kapiti coast and after years of sealers and farmer s living on it they have not eradicated all the goats and possums and other pests and it is just alive with lots of native birds. This is a protected nature researve that yo uahve to get a permit and get a boat out to the island.

I have to say I spent most of the time stumbling up the path to the top, as I was too busy looking up in the trees. We did see lots of birds including the north island robin and the tui, but we heard a lot more.... that you couldn't see in the native trees! Once you get to the top of the island, you finally get a view down the steep western side of the island and down to the south island of New Zealand.

We had a rather fancy picnic lunch at the top and then shared our Easter lollies with the other visitors at the top.

The boat out to Kapiti Island.

The amazing tree ferns.

The north island robin.

Aaron and Vicky at the top.

View down the western steep side of the island.

Great to see you Vicky and hope you enjoyed the rest of your trip to New Zealand.

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