Saturday, May 10, 2008

Recent Projects

As some of you may know I was taking a woodworking course. The first half of the course we were given a project to complete that would allow us to use the different bits of machinery in the workshop. Once finished, we were allowed to complete a project of our choice. I decided (or was it Helen?) that I would build some shelves for the small gap between the kitchen cupboards and the south wall.

The shelves full of stuff

The shelves are about 2 metres high and 1 metre wide. There is a board running down the centre to split the shelves into two different sides and give it more strength since there is no back. The shelves are at random spacings to accommodate our range of books, plants, potteries and a vase.

While Helen was away on the ship she knitted me a new jumper.(Helen to add some details about the jumper, explain why it is an Arran jumper)

My new Arran (Aaron) jumper

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