Monday, June 2, 2008

Queen's Birthday Weekend

We had a long weekend this weekend because of a public holiday on Monday. We decided to go an explore a part of the north island island we had never been to - Taranaki. The region gets its name from a large ~2500m (8200ft) volcano, Mount Taranaki. The volcano is nearly perfectly circular and has a parasitic cone, which makes it look like a smaller Mount Shasta.

Mount Taranaki

We drove around the mount which forms the southwest corner of the north island. At the west-most point is Cape Egmont and a lighthouse.

Cape Egmont lighthouse

Dawson Falls are on the southeast flank of Mount Taranaki. Just upstream from the falls is a small hydro power station - one of the first operating in New Zealand. It is the oldest continually running power stations in NZ and one of oldest in the world!

Dawson Falls

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