Thursday, July 10, 2008

Weekend in Christchurch

Helen was down in Christchurch for a conference and Aaron to came down for the weekend. We were going to head over to Akaroa - a small french town on the Banks Peninsular. However Aaron's flight was cancelled due to snow and by the time he made it to Christchurch the forecast was threatening high winds and snow on the Banks Peninsular. So we stayed in Christchurch.

It was very cold and snowed for several hours on Saturday in Christchurch. So we spent most of the days in Museums. Then on Sunday it cleared up and we headed over to the port at Lyttleton (the road to Akaroa was still closed from snow). The old volcanic crater around Lyttleton was covered in snow and it was quite spectacular. I have to say I really enjoy cold, sunny days - Very invigorating!

Lyttleton Harbour

Crater rim

Godley Head trig

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