Sunday, November 16, 2008

Helen's vegetable garden

This year I decided to give growing my own vegetables a go. Supposedly Wellington is a very good climate for growing plants - so hopefully that would cancel out my lack of green fingers. After a pretty rocky start where my seedlings all fell over, then they froze and then they overheated - it wasn't looking too good. The lemon tree that I planted in the corner also got hammered by the Wellington spring winds and all the leaves got blown off. Anyway I perservered and put some garlic, potatoes, carrots and snow peas in the ground and a little while later a few green shoots appeared. I have also planted four raspberry bushes and a couple of peppers/capsicum and now I have a zucchini/courgette and a few tomato and rocket plants. These all seem to be doing okay - touch wood. I also have a few strawberry plants, blueberries, a fig tree and bay leaf tree and a couple of feijoa plants elsewhere in the garden and these seem to be doing okay so far. I had my first strawberry on the weekend - which I gave to my friend Kareen to taste test!

Helen's veggie patch

The first strawberry

Hopefully summer will bring lots more goodies from the garden.

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