Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Despite having been up at Taupo the weekend before for the trailwalker, we had booked a bach a few months earlier just south of Taupo for the Easter long weekend. We took along a couple of our friends who have just arrived in Wellington. The day before the long weekend, we had the first wintery blast - with a very cold southerly blowing through Wellington. It obviously affected the whole of the North Island as on Friday we were greeted with snow covered volcanoes as we set off to do the Tongariro Crossing. It was very pretty - like someone had sprinkled a thin layer of icing sugar over the mountains. However this did mean that is was very cold - much colder than I think any of us had anticipated.

Ngauruhoe and the Central Crater

While our friends who had not done the Tongariro Crossing previously headed over Red Crater and down past the blue lakes, Aaron and I headed up Tongariro. When we did the Tongariro Crossing a few years ago (2003) we also walked up Ngauruhoe. We then headed back down to the cars at Mangatepopo to shuttle them around to the other side to pick up the others.

At the summit of Tongariro

The next day we had a more cruisy day. Bec, Viv and I headed off to Kinloch to check out some climbing crags that are very close to the lake and about 1 min walk from Kinloch. We dropped Aaron off on the way as there is a mountain bike track that ends right next to the crags. So he cycled over the headland and met us.

It is a while since I have climbed on real rock. It takes a lot more thought as there are so many more options and not always obvious options for your hands and feet. Bec led 3 sport climbs and Viv and I then seconded them. I have to admit I struggled with the harder climb we did - I could still do the individual moves, but I just don't have the stamina to string them altogether, so I had to take a few rests on the way up. It was a sunny day and we had fun, despite the sore fingers afterwards!!! On the way back through Taupo we headed to the hot springs on the Waikato River to relax.

Climbing at Kinloch

On Sunday we headed up to Rotorua to go mountain biking.
Pictures to follow - we haven't got them from Bec yet.

Then before we headed home on Monday - Aaron and Bec headed out for more mountain biking around Wairakei, while Anne-Laure and I headed out onto Lake Taupo for a paddle.

Betty on Lake Taupo

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