Sunday, June 28, 2009

Winter Solstice madness

Every year our office has a winter solstice party called the Poultice. It involves a quadrathlon around the bay over to the small aquaculture site for some refreshments and then back to the office for a party. The quadrathlon starts with a kayak down the bay, followed by a bike ride to to Mahanga Bay and then a run back to the office and finally a walk around the carpark and buildings. There is also an indoor quiz and other shananagans! Each year there is a theme - this year it was Shakespeare - who wrote a line

So we organise team and dress up - half the fun is in the costume making and dressing up. We were The Scottish play witches - with beards! My friends little daughter Neve, kept telling us that grownups don't dress up and was quite stunned by our messing around - although she was very happy to inherit her mother's witches outfit afterwards!

Anne-Laure and Jo getting dressed in our witches outfits. (Neve in the middle is wearing one of the party hats)

Brodie's Beer-ded Bedlams - Sadie, Becka, Jo, Niamh

Some people twist the theme ......

Shake-your-spear - Sam, Trevor, Amelia, Michele

Many different types of vessel used for this leg down the bay. Canadian canoes, open top surf ski's, outriggers, home made wooden boats, and our Betty - probably the most conventional of the boats.

This year I did the bike leg and flew around the course on my broomstick

Bearded witch Helen on broomstick!

I'm sure you all knew I was a witch.

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