Sunday, July 19, 2009

Winter Vegetable Garden

Despite my initial reservations about trying to grow vegetables over winter - it appears that in Wellington it is possible. We have had a rather mild and wet winter and my vegetable patch is looking quite impressive at the moment. I have been regularly harvesting the rocket and silverbeet and my spring onions are ready to start picking.

Cabbages, broccoli, rocket and lettuces

Broad beans, silverbeet, potato

Potatoes, spring onions, rocket

I have also just planted some garlic and more potatoes - I am trying to stagger growing potatoes so that they aren't all ready at the same time. I think that potatoes and garlic are my favourite vegetables to grow. They are so easy. You just put the potato or garlic clove in the ground and so far all of them have grown. I am having more luck with my rocket during the winter as all summer it just bolted and went to seed within a few weeks. As a result I have several self-seeded rocket plants in the garden from where I was growing it in summer - not that I mind!

This gardening thing is quite addictive - I have to admit that most mornings I go out and check how everything is going. I seem to have finally trained the cats not to jump in and dig it all up!

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