Sunday, October 25, 2009

Domestic weekends

It was nice to get back home after several weeks of travelling. However, the garden was completely overgrown with the grass a good foot/30 cm high. So we have spent the last two weekends trying to get back on top of the grass, weeds etc.. My seedlings that I had planted before we went away are making good progress, so I have put some of them in. Labour weekend (this weekend) is traditionally the time when everyone plants their vegetable gardens and the weather has cooperated with a beautiful weekend. However, there are a few more southerly storms forecast for the next week - so I think I will wait a few more weeks for summer to start and before I plant out the tomatoes seedlings.

I have been harvesting the cabbages, silver beet, broad beans, rocket and lettuce. The cabbages and rocket had bolted, so they were pulled out to make some more room for the new seedlings. I will have to pull out some of the broad beans as well as they have grown out of control. My 3 compost bins have also finally composted down and have some nice looking compost which I have been dumping on the garden, ready for the rest of the seedlings.

Aaron has become very good at destructive gardening! He has been pulling out some of the lavender that was taking over the front garden.

On top of gardening I also enjoyed doing some cooking for the first time in several weeks. I made some sour dough bread and some mascapone cheese. I then used the cheese to make canneloni, and tiramisu - yum!

I think the cats are also happy we are home. They have been very cuddly and attention seeking for the last couple of weeks.

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