Saturday, January 30, 2010

Kayaking in the harbour

I have been out kayaking in the harbour a couple of times this summer with various friends. We have had a couple of nice days. Two of my crazy colleagues decided it would be a good idea to see some of their friends off on one of the international research vessels that has refuelled in Wellington Harbour this summer. The JOIDES Resolution is on its way to drill in Wilkes Land, Antarctica for two months. The JR was the first research vessel that I went on, back in 2003 in the tropical Atlantic, so it was strange to see this rather ugly, beast of a vessel. Quite different from the RV Revelle, RV Polarstern and of course the little RV Tangaroa (New Zealand's research vessel) that were also docked in Wellington this summer.

So we went out to the mouth of the harbour and bobbed around out in the rather large 3m southerly swell, trying to stay out of the shipping chanel waiting to see the JR leave the harbour. At least the voyage participants were all out on deck to wave and appreciate out efforts.

JOIDES Resolution drilling vessel

On a slightly warmer and calmer day we did a bit of a loop around the harbour - out to Scorching Bay to the cafe there for a coffee. Very civilised. Kayaking along the edge of the Miramar peninsular we were paddling in amongst the seaweed. You can often see fish and other things in the clear water.

Andrew kayaking amongst the seaweed

Seaweed floating on the surface

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