Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunny Sunday at Makara Peak

The sun was shining and my cold was pretty much gone so we decided to head over to Makara Peak. A huge storm blew through Wellington on Friday evening which brought a fair amount of rain. This helped the trails out heaps. They had be been getting dry and loose, but today they were just right - nice and grippy without being too slippery.

Storm about to hit Petone foreshore

We had a pretty crusiy ride to the top of the peak. I was extremely happy I could actually breathe properly. It was a bit windy at the summit so we only stopped long enough to catch our breath and take a quick photo of the new bike.

Posing at the summit of Makara Peak

After the photos we popped down the side of the peak on Zac's Track.

Helen railing one of the corners on Zac's Track

After decending most of the way down the peak we turned and head up Rimu to catch another fun downhill track. Two thirds of the way along Rimu, Helen manged to pick up a stick and turn her rear derailleur inside out and upside down. This pretty much ended the ride. Luckily we were able to coast most of the way back down to the car.

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