Friday, April 16, 2010

Chucky and Meredith's Wedding

Chucky and Meredith provided us with a good excuse to visit Canberra and catch up with some friends over a long weekend. The most striking thing about the city was how green the whole place was. The best thing about going somewhere you know and with lots of friends is that you can stay with people and borrow stuff! Aaron and I made the most of this and Macca let us stay and borrow Lisa's car (she was in Nepal) while Sarah and Dan loaned us their mountain bikes. Unfortunately Aaron's grand plan of going biking with Dan was somewhat foiled as Dan broke his collar bone the weekend before during a 24 hour race. So Aaron had to go biking with me!

The wedding was on Saturday and fortunately the 20% chance of rain did not eventuate. The ceremony was outside at Chucky's parents place in the bush just out of Canberra. The ceremony was very personal - and quite funny at times. Aaron and Macca added to the comedy with their nearly matching tartan outfits.

Aaron and Macca

The reception was out at a winery at Lake George. The wine and the food was great and it was really fun to catch up with several friends who were also at the wedding.

Helen, Sarah and Louisa

Aaron and Chucky

Dr and Mrs Smith's first dance

The rest of the weekend was spent catching up with a few of our other friends and we dropped in to our old departments at ANU. It was a fun weekend and sorry we didn't get around to seeing everyone. Thanks to Macca and Cally (the labrador) for putting up with us!

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