Tuesday, May 4, 2010

House demolition begins

For those of you who don't know we have been planning to renovate our house for the last year. Finally after a number of iterations of ideas and architect drawings we are ready to start, and have a builder lined up to start in mid-May (all things going to plan).

However before the builder can start we have to remove all the furniture, carpets, demolish some walls, remove the deck, dismantle the kitchen and dig out some dirt from the back yard, so that we can put in a new retaining wall. Just a small amount of work! Apologies if we are a little antisocial and not very communicative for the next few months - we will be rather busy.

The cats are really not sure what to make of it all at the moment. Mifi is very keen to help and makes sure she keeps a close eye on everything and checks out every cupboard and box as it is emptied and filled, or just sits on whatever you want to move. Safi is just bemused and a little unhappy when yet another one of his hiding spots is removed. Fortunately our lovely next door neighbour is renting us her house during the scheduled 3 months of building (we hope it is only 3 months), so we can keep a close eye on everything and the cats just have to shift next door and can maintain their territory (very important for Safi!).

Mifi helping roll up the carpet from the hall

Back of the house looking north - before

And after a day of work with the pick-axe

We will post a few pictures of progress.

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