Sunday, June 6, 2010

Finally, a sunny day

We have finally had a few days break from the rain and the sun even came out. We had a chance to see what the new room will be like as well as when and how the sun will hit it. It is going to be really good. In the pictures you can see the framing is up for two sides of the extension. The remaining side (north) will be a massive bi-fold door, which will allow all the wonderful sunshine into the room.

The approach. There will be a flight of stairs to the right side of the extension leading to the new front door, which was framed on Friday.

The balustrade continues on from the extension to add privacy to the new deck.

We lose a bit of glass compared to the old house, but the new windows will frame the view nicely and they will all be double glazed so they won't "cry" and will be heaps warmer!

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