Sunday, July 18, 2010

Renovation - Progress

We had a nice dry spell this past week, and the builders got quite a bit done outside.

The skirting around the bottom of the extension is mostly done.

Owen made us a little door so we can access the area underneath.

The steps at the end of the deck are complete.

The slats for the deck showed up as well. Not sure when they will actually lay them. Near the end I imagine.

Thursday, some of the long awaited windows showed up. They are all in now and Owen is waiting for the rest so he can line them all up evenly.

This next week should see the arrival of the weatherboards and the rest of the windows. The weather is meant to be okay so fingers crossed we might have a fully enclosed house by the end of the week!

They have also been working on the retaining wall, trying to get the holes dug deep enough for the posts to go in. The wall is turning out to be a big pain. I almost wish we had left the area alone.

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