Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Long weekend in Sunriver, Oregon

It has been 5 years since we got married at Crater Lake and spent our honeymoon in the Sunriver/Bend area in Oregon. We thought it was time to revisit the area and drag the Lyman's up to there, as they didn't get to spend time with us after the wedding. So we rented a house in Sunriver and Judy, Ralph, Craig, Kortney, Emmalee, Aaron and Helen headed up on Friday afternoon.

The house we rented with the two trucks out the front - with the bikes in the back of Craig's truck.

On Saturday we headed out to Newberry Crater and Aaron gave us a geological tour of the large crater including Big Obsidian Flow.

On Big Obsidian Flow - Craig, Kortney, Emmalee, Judy, Aaron, Ralph and Helen at the back.

Looking down into the crater from the top of Paulina Peak - Big Obsidian Flow with Paulina and East Lake.

Craig and Aaron at the top of Paulina Peak - you can tell they are brothers!

After spending the morning at Newberry Crater we went and explored one of the large lava tubes/caves in the area - Lava River Cave. The girls got to try out their new head torches as we headed down the cold lava cave. You could see your breath in the air - it was about 6 degrees C or 42 degrees F.

Walking through the lava tube.

After the cool lava tube experience we headed back to the house and jumped in the hot tub to warm up. Late afternoon we headed out for a ride around Sunriver - we were beginning to think we couldn't wear out Kortney and Emmalee - but I think we finally managed on the bike ride!

Sunday we headed out to Fall River and went to feed the trout at the fish hatchery.

Emmalee feeding the fish at the hatchery.

We went for a couple of short walks along Fall River up to the springs and then headed along the Cascade Lakes Highway for views of the volcanoes.

View of South Sister Volcano.

After lunch we headed out on the Deschutes River in a kayak and a canoe and floated/paddled down the flat river past Sunriver (not the section with the rapids that we went rafting on last time). The girls were a little nervous at first, but they got the hang of it and it was very relaxing.

On the way home on Monday we headed out to Three Creek Lake just below Tam Macarthur Rim and Broken Top. We walked up towards the rim and got some great views of the Cascade volcanoes - as far as Mt Adams in Washington.

Three Creek Lake below the Tam Macarthur Rim.

Views of the Cascade volcanoes - Belknap Crater, Mt Washington, Cache Mountain, Three Finger Jack, Mt Jefferson, Mt Hood (in the distance).

A fun weekend with lots of great adventures. Not to mention all the food, Scrabble and other games and plenty of time hanging out relaxing in the hot tub.


Julia said...

hey!! You're here? Im hurt that you didn't call....

Helen said...

It was a flying visit - sorry!