Friday, September 3, 2010

Quick Arizona stopover

Before heading home to New Zealand I payed a quick visit to family and friends in Arizona. I was only there for the weekend but managed to catch up with everyone. Saturday's flights were delayed, first because of fog in San Francisco then thunderstorms in Phoenix. I finally made it to Phoenix five hours later than planned. That evening I went out to dinner with Auntie Chris, Uncle Les and cousin Kendall.

Sunday morning I met up with Stan for a ride in the desert. We headed out on Desert Classic to Secret Trail and then back. It wasn't very far but it was enough given the heat. We started around 7:30AM but it even then it was still pretty hot. In the afternoon Kendall and I went over to see Steve and Jill and meet their new baby Darian. She was gorgeous, but silly me didn't bring my camera, so no pictures. In the evening we had family dinner with the Lymans and Drakes.

I had to fly out Monday afternoon. I spent the morning running errands with Auntie Chris, before she and Kendall dropped me off at the airport.

The flight home was uneventful (thankfully). I got back to Wellington around 8AM and hopepd on the bus to work.

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