Sunday, January 9, 2011

Featherston Bike Epic

After spending most of our Christmas break painting, organising, spring cleaning the house we have decided that we need to get out of Wellington over the long weekend at the end of January. We are planning a bike tour in the north of the South Island. So to practise and get some fitness and endurance for the bike tour we have been doing a few longer rides around Wellington. On Saturday we took the train over to the Wairarapa and rode back via the Rimutaka Rail Trail and the Hutt River Trail. Neither of these trails are technical, so this was just to build up our endurance. The whole ride was just over 100km and took us six hours of riding and a couple of stops. Unfortunately it was a southerly so we were riding in to the wind most of the way down the Hutt Valley.

Helen emerging from one of the several tunnels on the Rimutaka Rail Trail

Heading towards Siberia Gully

Aaron crossing the ford

Hutt River Trail

Fitness was not so much of a problem - the biggest problem was the sore bum's - after about 70km it was hard to find a comfortable position to sit on the saddle. Anyway we made it and rewarded ourselves with Fish and Chips and a beer, sitting on our deck in the sun! Needless to say we spent most of Sunday holding down our new couch recovering... need to do some more training to cope with three days of riding!

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