Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wainuiomata 6 hour Wurldz

Sunday I took part in the Wainuiomata 6 hour Wurldz. The object of the race is to ride as many laps of the 7.3km course in under 6 hours. I was in a team of four guys. Our aim was to have a a bit a fun and were not taking the race aspect very seriously.

Tim agreed to do the first lap which turned out to have a rather long start loop. Most mass-start races have some way of allowing people to spread out along the course. This one had a big one.

Looking very serious

After about 2 hours they posted the current placings and we discovered we were 5th out of 18 teams. Not too bad for a bunch of punters. After 4 hours we were pretty much in the same place, about 6 minutes behind 4th and 10 minutes ahead of 6th.

As we got closer the end of the race the announcers clarified how the end would work. Any laps completed after 6 hours would not count. This is a bit different to how they do it Australia. There, as long as you get a rider off before 6 hours is up their lap will count.

We were doing 25-28 minutes laps and Craig was due in pretty close to 3:10pm (the race ended at 4pm). This meant that I would have to go sub 25 minutes to give Geoff a chance to get around again before time ran out. My fastest lap was 26 minutes.

I rode as fast as I could and managed to get around in 25:45. It wasn't looking good but Geoff headed out anyway. Unfortunately time ran out. If we had about 90 seconds more we might have made it. Luckily it didn't really affect the final results.

Although once they were posted we ended up 4th just missing the podium by about 6 minutes. The nice thing was that the sun shined the whole day and the course was really fun.

Looking very tired

A couple more pictures with very strange facial expressions:

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