Sunday, November 20, 2011


Yesterday we had our annual Thanksgiving party. Helen claims that I only have the parties so that I can eat turkey and judging by the whole three pictures I took it would be pretty easy to believe her.

The guest of honour, all 6.8kg of him.

There were people there too. All up I think we had 15 adults and 6 children. Most of the younger children busied themselves with my collection of Lego blocks and the older ones took turns swinging in and climbing on my hammock. The adults chatted away and kept eyes on children.

It was a beautiful day with a slight southerly which meant we were able to open up all the doors. Sadly the back wasn't finished in time, so we didn't have as much room to spread out as we would have liked. It will be great for the rest of summer though.

Helen cooked the turkey, stuffing and a giant pot of mashed potatoes and everyone contributed a plate of something. If anyone asked me what to bring I told them dessert as it is my favourite. So we had quite a few to choose from.

Helen cooked a pumpkin pie from an actual pumpkin and a pavlova as well for a Kiwi twist.

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