Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Holidays

We have spent most of the holidays catching up on some chores and otherwise just relaxing and enjoying our house.

Christmas cookies - Stars, bells and hippos (supposedly there is a song about wanting a hippo for christmas - so totally valid to have Christmas hippo cookies)

The grass we planted in the last post has been growing. It is a bit patchy so I added a bit more dirt and grass seed.

According to the news this has been the nicest Christmas weather in forty years. The plants in the greenhouse seem to agree, every time we go in there they seem to be another inch taller.

Our Christmas presents to each other. They were unfinished when we bought them and Helen has spent the last two days painting them.

When we first coated the deck I bought the wrong stuff and it turned out a bit darker than we wanted. I sanded it back and re-coated it with something a bit lighter in colour.

The deck now looks a bit more like the wood on the inside of the house.

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