Sunday, March 11, 2012

Aaron's last long weekend

School started this week, so this was my last Friday off. I took advantage of that and the good weather to make one last big push on getting the garden in shape before winter sets in properly. In three days I managed to fill a 4.5m3 skip with the remains of the old deck, garden debris and a bunch of stuff from the garage.

Stairs are finished, well, the tops at least. I still need to do the fronts.

The area behind the garage is now tidy.

And in front of the retaining wall...

There is still a bit of work to do beside the garage.
We have several ideas for what to do with the area next to the garage. They range from the simple - building some raised beds and trying to grow some more veggies. To the more complex - digging it out and making a carport to provide another off-street car park. To the completely crazy - extending the garage into that area and building an apartment over the top.

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