Friday, July 27, 2012

"The Rabble"

Gill and Mike have an impressive log cabin - although rather larger than your typical cabin - in the middle of a forest of aspen and pine trees. We definitely felt like we were staying in a luxury hotel.... although our payment was cooking and helping with "the rabble".

As well as having young William, they also have 3 huskies that Gill is training to dog sled. The original huskies are Maxx and Reka, who are now a couple of years old, and they just recently got a new puppy Sacha, building up to a 4 dog sled team. Together Gill calls them "the rabble". We tried to help out with controlling and keeping the rabble entertained, alternately taking out one/two/all of the dogs and William on walks, runs etc.. The older dogs are very friendly and constantly want cuddles... while Sacha is still full of beans and although he was good when we took him out to get "socialised", he is still learning, and needs some more training to keep the teeth under control....and to learn to play with Maxx and Reka.

Aaron giving Reka (left) and Maxx (right) some cuddles

Little Sacha... sitting still for once. His adult coat and colourings are slowly coming through!

Looking forward to coming back in winter and seeing the dog sled team in action.....

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