Monday, September 17, 2012

Birthday toys

Helen bought me a table saw for my birthday on the weekend. I have been  in need of one for a while to complete several projects I have going. I am not allowed to start any new projects until I finish the ones I have going now. I have lots of ideas for new projects, so I need to get things finished up.

Both of my step projects required the table saw. For the fronts the second board is not a full width so it needed to be cut along its long axis. I could have done it with the jig saw but the table saw made it much easier, safer and straighter.

The steps at the back
I am not quite halfway done with the steps up the back. I have been using wood left over from the new deck, but I am nearly out. I still have plenty of kwila left over from the old deck to finish off the steps on the side. I have fronts on three of them now with five more to go.

The side steps
The steps out the back had several ferns growing out from underneath them which I transplanted to the north slope. They are kind of hard to see amongst all the weeds. Keeping this bank under control is a never ending battle. Each year we seem to get a little further ahead. Maybe some day we will have it under control. One of my future projects may help...

Relocated ferns (slightly right of centre)

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