Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Pencarrow Lighthouse Ride

We have both been doing lots of chores the last few days as well as squeezing in a few bike rides. Today was the nicest day since Christmas so we decided to ditch the chores for a day and go have some fun. We decided to head out and revisit Pencarrow Heads, on the opposite side of the Wellington Harbour. We hadn't been out there for many years and several new tracks have been developed since then around the lakes and up the lighthouse.

Lake Kohangapiripiri and Pencarrow Lighthouse, with Wellington harbour and city in the background

View from the highpoint

View of one of the lakes from the lookout

Climbing up to the lighthouse, several short steep pinches... but mostly rideable.

Descending from the lighthouse, Helen with tongue out for added concentration.

Lots of people out cycling, walking, and collecting seafood along the coast. Temperature was very pleasant and not too windy, although the northerly picked up after lunch. A great summer day in Wellington. Hopefully we will get a few more this summer...

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