Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Andrea and Annabel visit NZ

After several weeks of glorious weather, my brother Andy and his family - Clare, Andrea and Annabel - arrived on a foggy and wet day. Luckily by 3pm the fog had lifted enough to let them land at the airport after lots of cancelled flights in the morning - including the delay of the royal flight with William, Kate and George. Unfortunately the wet weather continued for most of their stay! However, the hardy scottish Bostock's didn't seem too bothered as compared to the Aberdeen winter it was seemed almost tropical! 

We have been in to town a few times on a big easter egg hunt - painted large easter eggs by well known New Zealand artists - a fundraiser for the Auckland Starship Children's hospital. We have found 13 of the 30 eggs in Wellington - they will see one final one at the international airport as they leave.

I love Annabel's face at the thought of her dad kissing another woman!

We have visited the zoo, the botanic gardens and been to a couple of the museums in town on the really rainy days. Andrea and Annabel happily played on the beach in the rain, while Andy and Clare went for a swim. I also introduced them to New Zealand tramping at Otaki Forks in the Tararuas. We did a short walk around the area, checking out the big swing bridge over the Otaki River. We then stayed at Parawai Hut overnight (along with a few mice). Today (the only genuinely sunny day) they have headed over to Matiu-Somes Island on the ferry to explore.  
Andrea and Annabel at the zoo which recently acquired Tasmanian Devils

Building sandcastles 
Clare and Annabel on the suspension bridge over the Otaki River

Having survived the night at Parawai Hut

They head home over the Easter weekend (after an early easter egg hunt in the garden). Thank you for coming all this way to spend your school holidays with me. I hope you had as much fun as I did. 

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