Sunday, July 6, 2014

School Holidays

I have finished my first semester, so now I have two weeks break before the next semester starts. Things were moving at a glacial pace the first month of school then the pace picked up quite rapidly during the last few weeks. I have several assignments that are due when I start back and an exam. So while I am on holidays, it doesn't feel like it with so much hanging over my head when I start back up again.

I did take a couple of days off and headed up to Rotorua to do some mountain biking. It had been raining quite a bit a the first day and I was nearly swallowed up by a bog that was much deeper than it looked. The second day I decided to head up to the coast and have a look around as I had not been there before.

Kaituna Falls
On the way I stopped at Kaituna Falls. Evidently it is a fairly popular waterfall to raft over. I didn't see anyone doing while I was there - must be more of summer thing. it doesn't look like it in the photo but it is supposed to be a 6m fall.

Entrance to the harbour at Whakatane

Ohope Beach
Time to head home so of course the rain stops and the sun comes out. It was very cold though. The shady sides of the trails were covered in ice. I managed to stay upright the whole time; not sure how though.

Of course this is my last day...

The Desert Road was closed due to snow, so I had to go around the west side of the volcanoes. Makes the trip a bit longer but gave me a chance to look at some land for sale near Ohakune. We have been toying with the idea of buying some land and building a cabin up near the volcanoes for a while.

Road closed
 This one didn't look to bad and  it was even protected by a herd of vicious alpacas.

Alpaca attack!

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