Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekend in Auckland - Waitakeres and Waiheke Island

Although I have been to Auckland for work several times in the last few years - the last time Aaron and I were in Auckland was over 10 years ago... when we were on holiday visiting from Australia. As I was heading up to Auckland for an Antarctic science conference we decided to go early for the weekend - primarily to go and see the Cirque de Soleil show - Totem that had just opened. My real birthday present.

We arrived very late on Friday night after a few delays... then on Saturday morning we were picked up by a friend Bruce who gave us a tour of the Waitakere Ranges to the west of Auckland. An area that he mapped for his PhD (many years ago) and now well known for its surf beaches. We had a lovely sunny day doing some short walks in subtropical bush, visiting beaches and waterfalls.
Aaron overlooking Karekare beach, Waitakeres
Our tour guide Bruce Hayward standing in front of one of his outcrops - pumice and lava rocks!
 Kitekite Falls

On Saturday night we went to the circus. There were some very impressive acts... we were especially blown away by the 5 uni-cycling girls that managed to cycle 2 m high unicycles with 1 foot and then flip cups from the other foot and catch them on their heads.... or on to someone else's head... I don't think I could do it not on a uni-cycle...

On Sunday we headed out to Waiheke Island. This island is known for wineries and holiday homes. We took the bus around the island and checked out quite a few of the holiday houses - homework for Aaron's latest design project.

 Onehanga Beach
 Rocky Bay
The interesting library.... part of the architectural homework....

We had a lovely weekend, with great weather - but still much more to explore around the Auckland region. We might have to go again in the near future....

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