Saturday, January 10, 2015

NZ adventures with Emma and Kortney - Part 3 return trip

Unfortunately it was time to leave Queenstown and head home. After packing up and cleaning the house we spent the rest of the day driving to Christchurch via lunch at Lake Pukaki with amazing views of Mt Cook.
Mt Cook with the amazing turquoise Lake Pukaki in the foreground

We made it to Christchurch and spent the evening with our friend Dan.

Aaron sharing his chocolate mousse - devoured within seconds!

The next morning Dan and his partner Charlotte took us for brunch and showed us around the centre of Christchurch, which is pretty empty with many buildings removed... but things are starting to be rebuilt. In the meantime there are a bunch of temporary quirky sculptures and thing to entertain the tourists and locals around town - including a laundromat-dancefloor - which we spent a couple of minutes shaking our booty along with some other tourists who joined us. Finally we went to check out the container mall.

The cardboard, temporary cathedral

Weird sheep? Lego like? 

Oversize garden furniture

The Dance-O-Mat

The container mall

Unfortunately we had to drive north and catch our ferry.... the end of the south island road trip and adventures. 
Passing the time on the ferry playing the girls new favourite card game...

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