Saturday, May 16, 2015

1 week on....

Well I can't believe it has been almost a week since Freya was born. It has been one of the longest, hardest and most amazing weeks of our lives. We finally got home on Wednesday afternoon from hospital and have had a couple of days at home getting used to being a family. The first night didn't go very well, but after a visit from the Midwife on Thursday who gave us a lot of tips and a checklist to follow and we rebuilt our confidence and things have got much better. Fortunately the breast feeding is going really well and she is almost back to her birth weight again - a very healthy 4 kg...

Freya is very cuddly at the moment - which we are both enjoying getting lots of cuddles - Mifi (the cat) is not so happy that she has lost her lap to sit on. Freya is slowly getting used to her bassinet and we have had a few play sessions on her baby gym mat.

Aaron's lap is prime property - both Freya and Mifi sharing it

Post feeding cuddles

We have had a few friends and neighbours come over and visit (although Freya has been asleep through most of them). It is nice to know we have a lot of support. The weather has been pretty horrendous this week with some of the worst floods in Wellington in many years. So it has been a good excuse to stay at home. We hope to venture out in the near future.

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