Sunday, July 5, 2015

Freya - 8 weeks

The last 4 weeks have been tough! We have been through a couple of rough patches with lots of crying and not enough sleeping. We are told this is normal for 6-8 weeks. Freya does not want to sleep very much during the day.... She has short naps of 5 to 30 minutes... But seems to think that sleep is for mortals and she might miss out on something if she sleeps longer! She is also not a fan of going to bed in the early evening.... Fortunately she is still feeding and growing very well - she was 5.78kg and 60 cm at her 8 week check-up. Things are starting to settle down...or we have just adapted!

It hasn't been all hard times - we have had some great times as well. Freya is smiling much more and very interested in everything around her - especially lights. She also enjoys tummy time and loves to stand up. Her neck is getting pretty strong now! 
Freya standing up
Tummy time...
Freya has also had a lot of "firsts" in the last few weeks!

Although it is winter we have been getting out and about and have been on regular walks around the neighbourhood. Freya went on her first proper hike to Red Rocks along the south coast of Wellington - unfortunately we didn't see any seals...but we smelt one.

Freya-bear in her ergo sling on her first proper hike - to Red Rocks on Wellington's South coast

Freya has also been out for her first meal to our local Mexican restaurant to thank Nagymama and Nagypapa and an early celebration for her mum and dad's 10th wedding anniversary!!!

First meal out at La Boca Loca 

We are very grateful to Nagymama and Nagypapa for all their help the last few weeks. It has been so great to have some extra pairs of hands to help with juggling/cuddling/settling Freya, cooking, doing the endless washing, cleaning and gardening (see the next blog). Also giving us a little time out!
Playing with Nagymama


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