Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Crawling, rolling and chitter-chatter

Freya is on a mission. She rarely stays still (which to be honest started in utero when I developed a large bruise from all her kicking). She has been attempting to crawl or at least inch-worming forward for about a month, but she now has a pretty good commando crawl. The only problem is that she can't turn (or turn around) so the walls and furniture keep getting in her way and has had a few marks on her forehead from bashing in to things.
The wall got in the way...
Trying to roll over, but in this case the pole got in the way

She rolled over from front to back quite a while ago, initially by accident, today however she finally mastered the back to front roll. So now we are really in trouble. Up until yesterday we could at least put her down on her back and she wouldn't move.

She is also chatting away, especially when she is playing with her dad in the morning. The sounds are getting more complex and louder. Aaron is convinced she said "dada" the other day. It is great to see her changing and learning new tricks all the time...

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