Friday, October 9, 2015

5 months

Freya is 5 months old. She continues to grow (8.42kg and 65.5cm) and is learning lots of new skills. The last couple of weeks she mastered rolling over from her back to front, and her commando crawling is getting more efficient, she can even turn around when she meets an obstacle. She just loves exploring, especially under things.

Where's Freya?

She has outgrown her car seat and her bassinet, so now has a big kids car seat and has moved in to her own room and is sleeping in her cot (occasionally). She also got her first pair of shoes, with cool dinosaurs on. 

New car seat

New shoes

A week and a half ago we started her on solid food. Well at least trying them. She was excited at first, but then preferred to chew on pieces of apple and pear, rather than eat the smooth purée, probably because she was teething, but we couldn't feel anything until a few days ago and finally she got her first tooth yesterday. Conveniently the same day that the nurse gave us a tooth brush and tooth paste for her. 

Pumpkin purée! Probably more around the face than went in...

Brushing my tooth for the first time

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