Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Another Sunny Day

Yesterday I went to Crown Minerals to chat with a guy a I met at conference a week ago. They have a position open that I am interested in applying for. He kept trying to discourage me from applying because it is basically a data entry position and not something for someone with a PhD. I kept trying to explain to him that I was looking for something totally different and didn't mind. Plus it would give me some time to sort things out and give me the opportunity to pick up some new skills that could useful later on.

With that out of the way, the sunny skies urged me up into the hills. One of the deciding factors for where we buy a house is bicycle accessibility. Can we ride to work? More importantly, can we ride to Makara Peak? It just so happens that the Skyline Track runs along the top of a ridge line that forms the western boundary of the Wellington suburbs. It can only be accessed from certain spots though. I went to explore some of these access points so that we could make more informed home buying decisions.

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