Monday, December 18, 2006

Weekend Relaxing

Well after a week of beautiful weather we were both tired from our mountain biking, soccer, evening walks and several Christmas parties... I have certainly met a lot of people in the last few weeks, I certainly made myself known at lunch time soccer as I kicked the ball in to the ocean and this very nice french guy stripped off and dove in to rescue the ball. When the sea temperature is about 14 degrees, that makes for a rather refreshing dip, I will have to dress appropriately to jump in next time….

We have certainly made the most of the good weather this last week and so I was almost thankful that the weekend weather wasn’t looking so promising. So we spent the weekend taking it easy and looking at houses. We thought that the number of houses would be dropping off getting closer to Christmas, but it still seems fairly busy and with a few tenders/bids due as late as the 22nd December. We have been told that the market is pretty quiet in January, so I guess people are trying to sell before the end of the year. We’ve been looking at different areas of Wellington over the last few weekends – I have to say there is quite a range of houses and Wellington definitely has it’s fair share of quirky houses. One of the houses we looked at on Sunday you had to climb 5 flights of stairs up the side of the hill to this little wooden house hidden away in the trees. Some of these houses up on the hill have funicular’s going up to them from the garage on the main road. Other houses have these amazing car decks that hang out over the edge of the hill precariously…. Not to mention the houses that hang over the side of the hill hovering in thin air. You never know what you are going to find when you turn up to look at a house. We thought briefly about getting something built but most of the sections for sale are on land that is dipping at greater than 45 degrees. So who knows what we are going to end up with?

Well just a few days before the Christmas holidays start… better start planning our trip around the different mountain biking parks in the north island.

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Dr Chucky said...

You need to be taking and posting photos of the quirky houses (and people) in NZ.