Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Wellington Day Long Weekend

We had Monday off for Wellington Day. I am not really sure why, but who complains about public holidays? We had a pretty busy weekend.

Saturday morning, we got up and went to some garage sales. We were after a microwave, a chest of drawers, and a stand for the TV. The first few places we went to didn't have much. Then we scored a microwave for $2. The only thing wrong with it was that the numbers were dim on the display. The next and last place yielded a small chest of drawers for our bedroom. We still need a TV stand and headed to Bunnings hardware store to see what we could find. We ended up with some pine shelving; one set to hold the TV and one set for all our books, CDs, and other things. That afternoon we dugout our climbing gear and went and had a play at Ferg's Rock Gym. We managed to play around for a couple hours before our arms were completely dead.

Sunday, my back was pretty sore so Helen went for a roadie ride while I unpacked and sorted more of our stuff.

Monday we went for a mountain bike ride. We rode to the coast via the Red Rocks Track. To get to the track we had a pretty tough climb up Mount Brooklyn on a sealed road. The climb continued up to the wind turbine and then undulated over to Wrights Hill. This is where the track (more of a rough fire road really) began. It wound its way down to the coast along a few different ridge lines. We had a pretty brisk northerly blowing at the time and if you were going the right way, you got a nice push up the hill. Go the wrong direction and you stood a pretty good chance of being blown off the ridge. It made for several exciting moments. When we reached the coastline we had a strong headwind the rest of the way home. Total time out was nearly three and half hours. I am definitely feeling it today.

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