Monday, February 5, 2007

Rugby Madness

The Rugby Sevens competition came to town and this seemed to be an excuse to have a huge fancy dress party. I think you were the odd one out in town if you weren’t a guy dressed up as a nurse or a pirate etc… However the prize for the most outrageous costume had to go to the bunch of guys wearing the Borat Swim Suit. If you can visualise this picture – I’m sorry, for those of you who don’t know quite what I’m talking about then you are very lucky…

I spent a good deal of the afternoon then glued to the T.V. watching the rugby sevens. I have to say I was pretty horrified by Australia’s luck lustre performance they got beaten by Canada and were almost put to shame by the U.S.A. (Although the U.S.A. did have a few ring-ins from Fiji, New Zealand and South Africa). Australia didn’t even make it to the final eight. It seems to do well at Rugby sevens you have to be from the South Pacific or Africa. It was definitely good eye candy for the girls… plenty of very lean bodies in those new tight rugby shirts… very nice. The Samoans finally beat Fiji in the final and it was all very entertaining.

Then after the sevens final the Super 14’s match between the Brumbies and the Chiefs was on T.V. The Brumbies looked pretty good in the first half, kind of faded in the second but they still beat the Chiefs. The Hurricanes also lost…. Here’s hoping the Brumbies do really well this year so I can tease my work mates who are avid Chiefs and Hurricanes supporters and were telling me only last week that the Chiefs are going to do really well this year.

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