Sunday, August 9, 2009

Birthday flowers

Well a rather uneventful birthday this year helping some friends renovate their house. However Anne-Laure did organise for a group of friends to get together the night before and we had wonderful food and played fun games. I have some great friends in Wellington!

I also got my first bunch of flowers from my husband - so I thought I better write about it on the blog for a record. Then I can never complain that he has never bought me flowers as you all know now. He even picked some of my favourite flowers, daffodils and irises, which suggests he knows something about me after 6 years of living together. (Or it was a lucky guess!)

Birthday flowers - delivered to work!

I also got breakfast made for me by Aaron and an amazing raspberry cheesecake as a birthday cake (payment for tearing down walls). So it was a pretty good birthday considering earlier in the week I had been rather down about being another year older!

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