Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day walk in the Tararuas - Kapakapanui

After a couple of weeks of nice weather and not too much rain it was time to test the tracks in the Tararuas. Usually over winter they are muddy and slippy and although there were a few boggy patches up near the top of Mt Kapakapanui, the tracks were pretty good.

I went with Anne-Laure and for this short, but typical Tararua style walk, with very steep ups and downs and a rather twisty, rooty path. It was, however, nice to use the walking muscles again. I have to say I was a bit sore on Monday.

Lots of lovely ferns in the Tararua forests

View from Kapakapanui Trig onto the Kapiti coast and island

Kapakapanui hut

It was an almost perfect day - except it was a little hazy and I forgot my lunch! Fortunately Anne-Laure took pity on me and shared hers!

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