Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pouring concrete and more landscaping

Saturday the weather was pretty awful so we did inside chores - cleaning the house and homework. Sunday, the sun came out and we got to work on the garden.

Today we learned how to pour concrete. It turned out pretty well.

We got the old bit of concrete slab out and prepared the area for the new concrete. There was one last bit of re-bar holding it in place so we had to cut it free with the hacksaw.

While I was digging out the hole to fill, Helen cut the weed mat and planted the daisies.

Mixing the concrete in the wheelbarrow. We used 105kg of dry concrete and probably could have used a little more.

Helen trowelling the concrete smooth.

The new bit of concrete is in!

After the concreting I managed to get another level of the steps screwed down, whilst Helen weeded and tamed the back part of the garden.

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