Sunday, October 2, 2011

More landscaping

Another day spent working in the garden.

The borders are all tidied up now. The bit right up next to the house will go in first. The plan is to put a few Marlborough Daises in and surround them with cobbles.

The upper bit where side edging had to be blended in with the existing garden edge. The plan is to get grass growing up to the edge of the first step.

Here I am reusing the treads from old deck to make screens to cover up the path along the side of the house. There are several reasons for ding this. The pavers can get very slick when wet and they spaced oddly making it pretty dangerous to walk down them when it is wet. The other is help keep the weeds that always seem to grow under control.

We will give them a fresh coat of stain when done so hopefully they will look a bit nicer. it is going to be a while though: it takes a long time to de-nail the old treads, cut them to length and then screw them into place. They might be done by the end of summer!

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