Saturday, February 25, 2012

Summer Holiday 2012: Queenstown

Unfortunately the weather was forecast to change in the Mt Cook region, so we headed down to Queenstown to check out some of the mountain biking. We were down there in winter last year and did some tramping, but had heard about some great biking that Aaron wanted to check out. We started out exploring the Mtn biking area at Seven Mile.

Exploring the trails at Seven Mile

The next day we rode the Moke Lake loop. It started off pretty cruisy on the gravel roads through some private land, but then we reached the Moonlight track, which was rather unrideable, overgrown with thistles, with lots and lots of cows standing in the way and cow dung to negotiate as well.  There was some good riding coming down into the Shotover. 

Moke Lake

Helen fording the ford at speed

Near the top of the Moonlight Track

Dropping down towards the Shotover River

Helen cooling off after the ride with a dip in Lake Wakatipu

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