Sunday, April 29, 2012

DaveO and friends visit

Last weekend we had a full house when Dave Osmond and friends (Elizabeth, Kate and Velcro) descended on us after completing the Tour of New Zealand (South Island). We had actually bumped in to them in the airport in Sydney on our way back from Canberra as they were flying over to start in Invercargill. They did very well in the race, coming 8th overall and placing very highly in another category. Poor Elizabeth had a bit of a crash on one of the final stages and had lots of scrapes and bruises and a cracked helmet to show for it.

Elizabeth and Kate had not been to New Zealand before, so it was all new and different. And luckily for them the weather was great for them all week. So they probably have the wrong impression of NZ - or at least Wellington as there was barely any wind.

Mifi the cat loved Velcro who would let her sit on his lap as he pet her for hours. Safi also like to share the couch with Kate overnight. The house feels very empty now with just Aaron and I and the cats.

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