Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Weekend in the garden

Helen was away this past weekend doing a training tramp for Girl Guides. I spent the weekend doing odd chores and playing in the garden. I have heaps of ideas - I just need more time and good weather to work on them.

The side of the lowest terrace with edging, weed mat and bark chip

The upper terrace with weed mat and bark chip
I liked the way the bark chip looked, so I decided we should put more down around the garden. The slope on the north side has always been a pain so I decided to set about taming it.

A retaining wall is born
The wall will extend to the fence curving behind a small pittosporum that you cant see very well.

The grass is filling in
There are seveal patches where the grass died when it was buried under random junk. I have planted some grass in the bare patches and it is doing a good job of growing back. We'll probably wait unitl spring to try and plant the area around the compost bin in the first picture.

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